This is the family history of Adrian Bruce. I was brought up in the railway town of Crewe, in the agricultural county of Cheshire, England. My father’s lineage is classic railways-of-Crewe with mostly incoming ancestors, as only one of his grandparents was born in Cheshire. My mother’s is almost the exact opposite – all her grandparents were South Cheshire agricultural.

I know how this started. There was one conversation with Great-Uncle Bob when I was about 7 years old – how his Aunt Augusta emigrated to New York and ran a milliners on Lexington Avenue. Then nothing for years until I read about the Ellis Island web-site for immigrants to New York. Could I find Augusta in there? Just for interest? Maybe yes – there were two in there that could be her. OK – just find a bit more out to see which one it was. Then another bit more to finish her story…

I’m still finding more things to satisfy my curiosity. And the stories aren’t finished.