James Pickstock of Tasmania

James Pickstock was convicted at Chester in 1821 (Class: HO 27; Piece: 21; Page: 58) and sentenced to transportation. Other references in Ancestry show that he was 22, a weaver, and had a “native place” of Stockport. My previous post shows that he is not the James Pickstock who is baptised 26 May 1799 at Chorley to Elisabeth Pickstock (no father).

So who was he? I don’t know but it’s worth highlighting this baptism from FamilySearch :

James Pickstock
Event Type: Christening
Christening Date: 18 May 1800
Christening Place: Tarporley, Cheshire, England
Father’s Name: John Pickstock
Mother’s Name: Martha
Film Number: 1751853 (Bishop’s Transcripts for Tarporley, 1600-1864)

There are two more children baptised to couples named John and Martha Pickstock in Cheshire in this era – Joseph, baptised at Tarporley, 17 October 1802, and John, baptised at Cheadle (near Stockport), 17 November 1805. And there’s even a John Pickstock buried in Stockport in 1815, aged 60.

Let’s be clear about this – there’s not enough evidence here for me to be certain in my own mind that the couple at Tarporley are the same as the couple at Cheadle, never mind that their son is the James of Stockport who gets transported to Tasmania. However, Ros Burke, who is descended from James of Tasmania, tells me that James named his first daughter Martha and that name was passed down through the generations to today. So, personally, I think it’s likely this is the right family.

My thanks to Ros for the information about the name Martha and for not being too upset with me for saying her James isn’t descended from Elisabeth.

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5 Responses to James Pickstock of Tasmania

  1. Sue Jones says:

    (Tasmanian Archives show James’ birth place as Manchester, England.
    Baptism: 26 May 1799 St. Laurence, Chorley, Lancashire, England, (LDS listing) James Pickstock – Son of Elisabeth Pickstock, Born: 25 Apr 1799, Abode: Euxton, Register: Baptisms 1798 – 1812, Page 7, Entry 32, Source: LDS Film 93703)

    • brucefuimus says:

      Yes – the St. Laurence baptism is the same as the one from Lancashire OnLine Parish Clerk site, and I’m convinced the guy from the St. Laurence baptism is still in the UK in 1851.

      I’m quite prepared to believe the Tasmanian Archives about James’ birthplace being Manchester, except that it may be that he says Manchester (the big city) when he means Stockport (the smaller town). Manchester to Chorley is about about 27 miles. Stockport to Manchester is about 7 miles.

      Most interesting – the Tasmanian conduct sheet does say he’s a weaver from Stockport.

  2. Chris Barrett says:

    Hi. I have to agree with the original post. James Pickstock b 1799 with mother Martha.

    My mothers maiden name is Pitstock (James Pickstock changed the spelling of his name), and her father had a sister called Martha, which according to my mother is a family name (along with James).

  3. Lynne Sefton says:

    I have a watercolour painting signed L.A Pickstock, my husbands family are from Cheshire. Any idea who My painting is by?

    • brucefuimus says:

      Oh what an interesting question for you! Looking at Ancestry’s birth index for the name Pickstock (English Civil Registrations) I can see no L A Pickstock in the indexes up to 1915 and just 4 in the years after, of which 2 were born Cheshire or Lancashire (those 2 counties are adjacent). (I’m not giving the names since they could be still alive). Of course, L A Pickstock might be a woman’s married name, which wouldn’t be in the birth indexes.

      The only thing to do would be to trace your husband’s family back and see if you find any Pickstocks, then investigate those…. I doubt there’s a short cut.

      Good luck – it could be interesting!

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