James Pickstock of Chorley

It’s been suggested that James Pickstock, grandson of Grace and Abraham Pickstock, is the same James Pickstock who was transported to Van Dieman’s Land (Tasmania) in 1821. I don’t think he is, because I’m now as certain as I can be that he’s the one at Chorley, Lancashire, in the 1851 census, while I understand that the Tasmanian James stayed out there.

According to the 1851 census (Class:  HO107; Piece:  2263; Folio:  290; Page:  3) the James at Chorley was born about 1798 at Euxton, Lancashire. This is his family:

James Pickstock 53
Molly Pickstock 24
George Pickstock 22
William Pickstock 21
Alice Pickstock 19
James Pickstock 16
Elizabeth Pickstock 4

The children from Molly to James junior are all baptised to James and Betty / Elizabeth Pickstock between 1826 and 1835 at Croston (6 miles west of Chorley) or Eccleston (4.5 m west of Chorley). There’s also a Thomas baptised to them in 1824. The couple must surely be married as James Pickstock and Betty Iddon at Croston in 1824. So, it’s pretty clear that the 1851 James is born about 1798 at Euxton, which is 2 miles NW by W of Chorley, and that he lives in that area from 1824 to 1851.

The only James Pickstock baptism I can find on the Lancashire Online Parish Clerk site is James Pickstock baptised 26 May 1799 at Chorley to Elisabeth Pickstock (no father), with an abode of Euxton.

Now – there’s no way that the Lancashire Online Parish Clerk site is complete, but given that the Chorley baptism to Elisabeth matches the census details well on year of birth (1799 v. 1798) and place (both are Euxton), I’m pretty convinced that Elisabeth’s son (and the grandson of Grace and Abraham Pickstock) stays in the vicinity of Chorley until at least 1851 and therefore doesn’t get transported.


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