Fees at Coppenhall St Michael’s

St. Michael’s church is in the parish of Coppenhall in Cheshire, which was later swamped by the town of Crewe. I found these fees in the front of the baptismal register for 1813-1840. The interesting thing is how the fees are dearer for people living outside the parish. Extract follows:

Fees to be taken for Baptisms, Burials & Marriages

Baptisms residents in the parish

Minister 0-0-9
Clerk 0-0-3

Baptisms non-residents in the parish

Minister 0-1-6
Clerk 0-0-6

Funerals Persons dying in the parish

Minister 0-1-0
Clark 0-0-6
[? & ?] 0-0-8
Grave 0-2-0

<First word of “[? & ?]” may be “Digging” – or possibly “Burying”>

Funerals of Persons dying in Leighton, Woolstanwood & Minshull Vernon

Minister 0-10-0
Clark 0-5-0
[Digging? Filling? & Ch—?] 0-1-6
Grave 0-3-6

Funerals from Crewe <This is in a later hand>

Minister 3-0
Clerk 2-6
Grave 3-6

For all Funerals from any than the above mentioned places

Minister 0-15-0
Clarke 0-7-6
[Digging? Filling?] 0-2-3
Grave 0-5-3

Marriage by Banns

Minister publishing banns 0-1-0
Minister 0-2-6
Clarke 0-1-3

Marriage by Licence

Minister 0-6-6
Clarke 0-3-0

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